Monday, January 30, 2017

The Christian Agnostic Speaks

if God
"gave us"
free will,

couldn't God also
"take away"
free will,

and what the hell
is so
about that?

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Numb (A Rehearsal)

I walk these
past loss,


I’ll walk these
one last time.

Last night
was just
a rehearsal.
Madre Moskowitz, awaiting dialysis

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Casual Beauty

There is still
a rosebud
for me.

In this miasma
of  fear
and uncertainty
and mistrust
and doubt,
I remember
that casual beauty
often hiding
in plain sight.

my cold,
jittery stomach,
I turn
and keep my eyes
scanning the horizon
for the edges
of the dirty-grey clouds,
squinting hard
looking for
that reluctant,
explosive blue
that I know is still
out there.

Who put all
these treasures
there for me
to find?

Never mind,
it doesn't matter.

Just slow down,
be quiet,
exhale gratitude.

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Walk Me Through This Darkness, O Lord

Walk me through
this darkness O Lord,
I do not know
where You are taking me
but my faith tells me
I must follow and
I must be with You.

Walk me through
this darkness O Lord,
because I feel afraid
and I need the help
of something
and stronger
and wiser
who knows the ending
of the story.

Walk me through
this darkness, O Lord,
and guide me to where
there is light,
guide me to where
I can give her
some answers.

O Lord,
there's so much that
we do not understand,
like why you put
this malignant worm
inside of her brain,
inside of her soul,
and yes, I know
is a fool's question,
but I must ask.

Walk me through
this Darkness, O Lord
because I want to say
you owe me at least that
because I can't think of where
this Darkness came from
and it's so fucking huge
that no doctors in my HMO
can fix it.

Walk me through
this darkness, O Lord
and please forgive my anger.
Please forgive my questions.
Please forgive my doubtful heart. Please heal my daughter.