Friday, April 22, 2011

No Separation (Prompt: Only One in the World Poem)

There is more to this world
than can be seen
by the untrained eye.

If you accept this
then also know
that the line where
my body ends
and where the space
around me begins

no separation.

The air that touches me
touches you
and the idea
that there is any
me and you and
anything else

is a shared illusion.

The differences
we think
we see,

are just things
we think.

If one looks
very closely
and sees everything
as holy

there is no separation
from anything
including God

and this is
good news


  1. What a lovely Good Friday poem, Buddah. And \I'm slightly bummed at not being on your PA invites for dinner list-see the 10x10 column for why.

    Only kidding. I'd be in the kitchen, frying the latkes!

    Love from yo sistah, Amelah

  2. wonderful, rhythmatic, imsightful concept...I'll put it to music and sing it as I drive for, ahem, that other matter, we spend some of our lives in Palm Springs, and there is this guy who runs the Palm Springs Follies, Riff Markowitz, and his sense of humor has the same qualities as your sense of awe, so....On your Mark, get set...Mosk!

  3. excellently put, and good reminder for little old me who often feels seperate and alone in the universe.

  4. Amen! This is simply beautiful, Mosk.

  5. Don't know that I agree but love the way you said it!

  6. I quite agree - All are One. :)

  7. Very beautifully said. I know what you mean, and understand, but am not 100% sure I agree. Still, it gives me to think, and that can't be a bad thing.