Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Predictable Terror

It works a predictable terror
every time I see it
and I know all the behind the scenes
of how George Romero made it

how they couldn’t afford
real paid actors
or even color film stock

and it’s in the public domain
and you can download free copies

but something about those zombies
plodding forward
busting through that the walls
and doors of that rickety old house

headed for the cellar
that doomed cul-de-sac,
where everyone is hiding…

I never watch it
with all the lights

1 comment:

  1. Buddah, I know EXACTLY how you feel. There is something so amateur and grainy and organic about "Night of the Living Dead," I think it's akin to "Blair" in that way. The ending is a knockout and a great sociological commentary. And it scares the everlovin shit out of me. All three times I've seen it, once with my Riley, who laughed at me throughout.