Thursday, November 29, 2012

Another Birth (November 29 Prompt: Birth)

In defiance
against the default settings
of death and destruction,

the rosebud blooms,
the fingers hit the keys
in a glorious, surprising melody,
children wobble first steps,
lovers intone “I Do,”
and the process

Even though
we always know
the end is imminent,

we rise,
we try,
we fail,
we triumph,
we despair,
we plod on.

is a new birth,

and even though
science can explain
the need and function
for sleep,
I still cannot fathom
the mystery of why
I was given
another chance,
another birth.

So, I will rise
and try
and fail
and despair
and occasionally triumph
and plod on,

if for no other reason,
mere thankfulness.


  1. Anonymous8:35 PM

    This was really beautiful to me! Thank you for writing and for helping us to be thankful too! -deb

  2. Yes, must persevere. One step in front of another in thankfulness each day!

  3. Yes... thankful we must be after all
    Great poem