Thursday, April 24, 2014


All night I worshipped her blankety-blank
without a single thankety-thank.

So I called her a middle-aged blankety-blank
(just to give her collar a yankety-yank).

Then I pinched her on the blankety-blank
(it was really just a prankety-prank).

She hissed "don't you touch my blankety-blank!"
(I was hoping she'd give me a spankety-spank),

but she just covered up her blankety-blank
and asked how much I drankety-drank,

and then my heart just sankety-sank
when, in a tone too frankety-frank,

she said "never again, Mr. Blankety-Blank,
will you blankety-blank my blankety-blank!"


  1. oh this took a turn for the worse....
    a punch on the blankety blank
    could be painful depending on how you
    fill in that blankety blank....ha

  2. Heehee! Wheeee, that was fun. ;)

  3. Awww - that's too blankety-blanking bad. But the verse is sure fun!

  4. fun verse but with a serious turn....ha..probably he shouldn't have drankety-drank so much

  5. I'm still laughing. This is blanking awesome!

  6. Oh wow!! I laughed out loud at this one! Fun to read (and I bet to write). :-)