Friday, May 23, 2014

Hey “Poet”

Hey ladies,
Prince Charming isn't coming
to your door,
that’s the UPS man.

If you want him, get off the couch
and get him.

Hey loser,
you think you’re ever getting laid
on a regular basis
without a job?

Put down your bong
and make yourself
useful enough to get paid.

Hey “Poet”,
you can wait for inspiration
to randomly glide by
like the prize
in a shooting gallery
and hope you
catch it in one shot,

or you can
don your camouflage,
strap the quiver to your back,
put on your
night vision goggles
and go deep inside
the slippery, steaming darkness
and sneak up on it,

and pounce,
feeding lustily upon
that which you've hungered for,

and when you’re sated,
release it,
give a reasonable head start
and begin the chase again.


  1. nothing happens without have to give life something to work with if you are expecting great things...that is for sure...

  2. Chase that sucker down!

  3. Good points here, Mosk. Nothing is gonna happen if you don't do the seeking yourself..... Sitting back on the couch isn't gonna do it!

  4. Hello my friend! Love love LOVE this one! I want to print it out and tape it over my computer. Actually you'd be proud of me. I recently took a publishing/marketing class and am actively working on a collection of poems to submit! Thanks for the inspiration, and for always pushing me to keep writing! :)