Monday, June 29, 2015

Once So Perfect, Orderly and Privileged

We must move 
because there is 
little here
worth coming back to.

Some look back
with soft, toothless 
while others remember
with anger
that their world,
once so perfect, orderly
and privileged,
must be shared 
with everyone else.

If you have skin
any color but white,
or genitals other
than male,
or had a love 
that dare not 
speak its name,
what is there
for you 
in the past?

By definition,
a conservative
wants to keep things
exactly the same
as before,

and the struggle
is not in bringing 
especially those 
labeled as 
as chattel,
into the circle,
sharing in 
the bounty.

No, the struggle
is to convince
the owners
of the wall 
to dismantle it,

before we 
tear it down.


  1. Either way, everything changes, like it or not. Gosh, I'm so deep. I really dazzle myself sometimes! :-P Conservatism just seems so rooted in fear, to me, a terror of impending lack. Or something.

    la la Mr. Revolutionary dude :-)

  2. If they won't we will. Life with teeth. Use when needed.