Saturday, April 30, 2016

We Never Said Goodbye

It’s not goodbye.

Growing up,
we never said

My parents
always said
“be careful.”

They also
never said
"I love you."

It used to
bother me,
until I realized
“be careful”

“I love you and
I don’t want anything
bad to happen
to you,
so be safe and
come back and
see me again,
sit with me,
talk with me,
laugh with me.
Just come back
because I love you.”

I’m not good
at goodbyes.

Be careful.


  1. "Goodbye" does have that weight of finality to it. We are a family that speaks "I love you" but, as you've written, it can mean just as much when read between the lines. This touched my heart.

  2. LOVE explains a lot about those people who say this. It's not something we did so i always thought it odd to hear "be careful" as a goodbye phrase.

  3. Oh, I am not good at goodbyes either. I always say be careful.

  4. My grandma always said "Be sweet" instead of goodbye. I miss it.