Tuesday, July 05, 2016

In The Temple Between My Temples

I always start
in the produce section,
and soon I am lost
in the beauty
the splendor
of it all:

inside my head
Elvis Costello is still writing the book
and pumping it up
and the New York Dolls
are dancing like monkeys
in spandex

and Dusty Springfield
tells me it’s a sign of the times
as I compare prices
on frozen pizzas

down the snack aisle
Curtis warns me about
the Pusherman
and I look to see
if he’s watching me
from his funkyfine heaven

and I try to remember
if we need milk
and Prince bumps up next
to the Carpenters
next to Public Enemy
next to Bob Dylan
next to Julie London

and I’m no longer
just grocery shopping:

I’m having a divine
religious experience

in the temple
between my temples.


  1. Background music while shopping takes us on a trip, if we are paying attention, in time and place. It pays to be attentive to those sounds and moments in the present..I could feel I was there with you.

  2. A great musical experience going on in your temple. If you are selling tickets to this performance.. I would buy one.:)
    Clever and creative work.

  3. With all those music you're never alone.

  4. WOW !! i wonder how you got to that religious experience:P
    And that prince and dylan reference tho , and public enemy to top it off!

  5. It's good to carry the music with you as a soundtrack to everyday life.

  6. This made me smile. I remember when supermarkets started playing awesome music and instead of shuddering about how I'm getting older I decided to just dance along to the music. :D

  7. Wish I felt the same when I shop. Can't wait to get in and get out again. I worked in a superstore for over two years, trust me, when you hear the same music over and over X amount of times a day, it becomes dreadful. Especially when it's the run up to Christmas. Good grief, the amount of times I heard Rocking around the Christmas tree...I nearly went off my rocker.
    This is a lovely write, almost makes me want to go do a shop but then, sanity prevails. LOL