Friday, October 07, 2016

No Escape

Somewhere else
is what I want

but right here
is all I'm gonna get

and all I need
according to God.

So I'll walk through it
without booze
or pills
or illicit thrills.

You walked through
this howling madhouse
of no escape
and let them
nail you to the cross
where you died for me.

you suffered for me
and now
I pray
I can
return the favor.


  1. Excellent poem of recovery and renewal. I love this prayer of yours.

  2. I think you got into the core of what it should mean to be Christian... have to really understand about returning the favor.

  3. The ending lines speak of a deeper connection with the Lord ~ I pray that you and I can return the favor too ~

  4. Love the optimism here ❤️

  5. Yes, the core of it - for sure... I wish you well in your quest... With Best Wishes Scott