Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Her Greatest Gift

Through the smoke
and patches of blaze
still smoldering,
I see her
and I cannot help
my movement toward her:

I must be
by her side.

That is where I belong,
where I thrive.

Christmas after Christmas
we collect memories,
all our own,
that no one can touch.

Every year,
I gratefully remember
her greatest gift
to me:

I have never
wished to be
anywhere else,

never envied
another’s coupling,

since I found my place
beside her.


  1. This is the sweetest thing, D. The perfect Christmas present for her, I'm sure.

  2. What a beautiful poem of love and acceptance,


  3. Happy Christmas to you and your Anita.

  4. Very sweet indeed ~ Hope you are enjoying the holidays Mosk.

    Can you please contact me at: ?

    Happy New Year !!!

    Grace (from D'verse)