Thursday, June 29, 2017


It feels quicker than a blink
since I first saw you
and took you to raise up
as my very own.
Through laughter, patience
scrapes and tenderness,
I readied you for
a cold and undeserving world.

Through the seasons
you blossomed
and the world became
resplendent with possibility
when seen through your
naive and limitless vision.
I knew the world
would sing your song
once you taught them.

You asked if I was ready
and I snapped awake
from my reverie.
With a weak, sincere smile
and moist, quivering eyelids
I face my hardest challenge
as your stepfather:
to smile bravely
and not let you see my loss
as I walk you down the aisle
into your destiny.

[Posted for Dverse Open Link Night.]


  1. Oh what a precious and lovely write. I think she felt your loss though. I know I did when I was walked down the aisle.

  2. A loss that is one of the best a step father can have though.. love the story told.

  3. Nice description of giving your daughter away in marriage.

  4. Step-daughter or otherwise, the act of giving away is an emotional sacrifice, more of a shock felt by fathers as one last gesture of responsibility to perform.


  5. How beautiful. What a lovely gift for your stepdaughter. Of course, you don't lose a child, it's a change, but there is always gain.

  6. Sheer love! Wonderful.

  7. Lucky is the stepdaughter to be gifted with these words! Both my children have grown to be wonderful step parents, and I love my step grandchildren as if they're my own. This is so beautifully written. Thank you for sharing very personal feelings.

  8. Thank you for sharing this bittersweet, touching episode of life. It's beautiful.

  9. Such tender words given so lovingly, and freely. Any woman who received them on any day, especially her wedding day, would treasure them for a lifetime. Thank you.

  10. So touching. Beautiful write.