Thursday, January 25, 2018

Phoenix, Arizona

We snuck away
on a business trip
and she really wanted
to be with me
as she had a fear of flying
and we met at the airport.

That evening
safely in another state,
we went straight
to the hotel
unpacked only desire
and made love
with all the lights on
as the tv flickered
it’s muted blue witness.

She let me eat
the ice cream sundae
we ordered from room service
right off her bare bottom.

She was my kind of girl.

The next morning we walked
and chanced upon
a tribal pow wow drumming festival.

It was strangest, most beautiful
music I ever heard,
and I knew it was no coincidence
she was there.

Providence smiled further
as we saw the Norman Rockwell
retrospective was also within
walking distance
and we marveled at the original print
of “The Marriage License”.

We stayed up talking
all that night
and somewhere in there
I realized
she was no longer some
causal hit-and-run.

I started thinking
in longer, broader strokes

and it awakened
something fiery
and powerful

that had been
asleep in me
for a thousand years.

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  1. True story? Did the relationship continue.
    Nicely penned.


  3. Oh wow! What a love poem. Just great!

  4. This is beautifully evocative, Mosk. We meet a lot of people in our short span of life.. but there are some who leave a huge impact upon us.

  5. There has got to more, there must.....

    1. Yes, we've been married now 791 weeks. Oh, you mean, that night? Yes, there was. Much more.

  6. no hit and run. so good it wasn't. as an aside, i'm heading to Phoenix, Arizona soon:)
    anyway, i like how your leap led to love, and the whole nine yards Mosk. a wonderful thing.

  7. What a great love story!

  8. I will never tire of reading this piece.

    I especially love what you did here:

    "as we saw the Norman Rockwell
    retrospective was also within"

    1. Thanks, and it was a great retrospective. Seeing "The Marriage License" proved prescient.

  9. fan-freakin-tastic ~