Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Love Note to the Muse

Turn me on baby

wrap me up
in your electric
fuzz guitar solo

send the firecracker
giggle of spicy coconut
chicken to my tongue

give my body
a gazelle’s grace
as I jete
off the cliff

and then spread
my wings and land
just south of
the fragrant field
of sunshine roses.

Let the Beatles music
and let this guitar
be the extension
of my arms

soften this heart
to catch a glimpse
of God
in every shape and hue
and tone

and help nurse
my hopes in this borough
of disappointment and filth.

It’s an ugly world
but you always give me
x-ray specs

to penetrate
and see all those things
otherwise hidden and divine

and give me
a pencil and paper
always within reach
to prove that
it’s more than
a dream

turn me on baby
you know what I need.


  1. gives eyes to see...
    ha...and we become her junkie just a bit
    come on baby, gimme another hit...

  2. Dead easy. C'mere. ;-)

    Aw Mosky, sometimes I just can't help it. You're just such a nice guy.

  3. Buddah, love you back. This humble request to tap into that extraordinary talent of yours is best in these lines:
    soften this heart
    to catch a glimpse
    of God
    in every shape and hue
    and tone

    "Soften this heart" is not a plea some poets embrace. And yet it's in the humbling of self to God that the real JUICE flows so sweetly. Great stuff, my bruddah. Love, Ameleh

  4. stunning little love note. I wouldn't mind a pair of those x-ray glass...and some wings.