Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Moment (February 10, 1990)

The pointy- toed-
hangover headache
made its

The voice:
“How many days
are you gonna do this?”


My stomach felt like
every disease in the world
was inside me
fighting each other
for bragging rights.

which meant I wouldn’t
get back to normal again
until that afternoon.

The voice:
“Turn over and look out
the window.
Look at the sky.”

People always tried
to point out “nature” to me
which I always hated,
but I was in no condition
to fight.

I turned over
and pulled up the shade
an inch
and I saw it.

No clouds
to give a sense of perspective,
just a clear

It awakened my heart
and I smiled,
and as if on cue,
gossipy birds
sang and chirped.

I laughed
at how
it all seemed.

The voice spoke
one last time:
“OK, now what if
you’re not here
to enjoy this anymore?”

It was a question
too pointed to ignore,
and a moment too beautiful
to throw away.

I lingered in the moment
a few minutes more
before confessing my alcoholism
and changing my life.

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  1. sounds like a spiritual experience to me. nicely penned.

  2. Congratulations to you! And thank you for sharing this moment, the moment you turned your life in a new direction.

  3. you know...glad it happened...and that the blue sky and your pointed toed shoe was enough...nice capture...

  4. Particularly loved "the pointy-toed-shoe-in-my-eye-socket hangover headache"... brilliant writing.

    And great stuff, those positive life changing moments.

  5. wow...sometimes it needs something like this to really change life...glad you did...

  6. lots and lots of great lines in this one - "My stomach felt like
    every disease in the world
    was inside me
    fighting each other
    for bragging rights" - and that first stanza - great imagery and language! nice!

  7. I absolutely love this poem and this story, kiddo. Kudos to you. I love how the birds started chirping right on cue. I watch a whole congregation of them outside my kitchen window all the time. They make me insanely happy.

  8. Congratulations...that pointy-toed shoe in the eye hangover opened your eyes to life...Thank God it them poem and the message.

  9. Thanks for sharing this moment in words. Beautiful. I am so touched you would comment on my poem, you, with the blog titled I Hate Poetry! I must be doing something right. I will keep on visiting.