Sunday, January 15, 2012


In the parking lot
of the big box pet store,
a lone brown sparrow
flits and hops,
a displaced sprite
in search of
the discarded French fry,
cellophane with a smear
of something edible remaining,
a stray sunflower seed.

She is too consumed
with her tenuous survival
to notice all the people
returning to their cars,
with bags of overpriced kibble
for their kept,
chosen animals.

She doesn’t know any better
and perhaps that’s why she
looks happy:

she doesn’t know envy.


  1. Good lesson here, Mosk! We cannnot be envious of what we don't know exists.

  2. The sound weaving itself through the first stanza is lovely!

  3. As Mary said, great lesson. When we concern ourselves with what is important, envy goes away...

  4. What a smart write! Well done!