Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Fighting with Anger

Anger hunts me down 

and sneaks up
behind me.

He drags me down
by the shoulders.

I try running
but he
pins me to the ground
and spits in my face,
taunting me
“Come on, do it. Do it!”

I‘m not going
to play his game.

“Get off me.”

His insect face laughs
at me
as he drools saliva.

I try ducking the dripping
slime but I feel it
in my hair
humiliating and inescapable.

I want to just be
free of it.

His laughter echoes
in my head.
“Come on, what are you,
a pussy? Are you gonna take
this shit from me?”

My body summons its strength
and I knee him in the groin
as he topples off me.

I can still hear his laughter.

I stand over him and
and start kicking his head.

It bobbles
somehow still connected
“is that all you got?”

I stomp my heel
on his heaving thorax
over and over
trying to put out this evil flame.

He’s almost dead.
I leap as high as I can
and with both feet
come down hard
and he splatters
into a stench-ridden puddle
of tissue.

Some of it has
splashed onto my shoes
and my pant leg
but I don’t care.
I’m convinced
that I’ve handled
the problem.

I don’t look back
as I walk away
but I hear that mocking laughter

and I know
I’ve just played his game again

and lost again.

[Posted for #OpenLinkNight at the best site for poets on the whole damned Internet.] 


  1. damn man....the repetition does well to show the building angst...and we find ourselves crushing the bug of anger while it laughs and laughs...

    1. Thanks, brother, but I just saw that I double posted - so that repetition wasn't technique, just sloppy cut and paste, Hope you still liked it.

  2. Anger is persistent, is hard to resist, and isn't satisfied until he breaks a person down.

    1. I used to think anger had a legitimate purpose - not so sure anymore.

  3. oh my... this is so intense, the use of repetition works so fabulously, making me feel it. very visceral, engaging write.

    1. Thanks, but the repetition was a mistake! Thanks for the compliment though.

  4. Brilliant. You caught me in the loop and before I realized it I felt my anxiety level rising. It only relaxed when I started appreciating the structure and rhythm and thus detaching from the desire to punch.

  5. Oy Gavolt! Mosk! How this resonates! This is anger alright...the reptition is a brilliant touch! I'm stomping with you... it's hard isn't it not to listen to that insect buzzing, no ...roaring around you, insisting on attention and then you take out the slime and the flame but for how long? Absolutely anger! Positively brilliant!

    1. Thanks, my friend, and oy gevalt indeed! Now I try to keep shalom bayis.

  6. Awesome poem, this captures anger so well and the imagery and build up is incredible. Loved it.

    1. Thanks Kimolisa - I try to remember this imagery when I start to get angry.

  7. I love the way you expressed taunting that "anger" teases us with, making it so easy to play into its arms. Excellent expression, and something I'm sure we can all relate to. Well penned!

    1. thanks - exactly - anger taunts us.

  8. Brudda, this reminds me of dreams I've had, trying to vanquish an enemy and not landing a punch. Anger is the worst, because you respond to it internally, like me. Sure, it's easy for pacifist me to say, "I will let my anger float away like fucking moths" or something, but truth is, I want to kick the shit out of it, same as you. Such a truthful, no holds barred piece. Loved it. And you. Your sistah, Ameleh

    1. Zactly my poetic sistah. To blow off steam is important - just make sure the people around you have their asbestos suits.

  9. Brother're in my head today. There is no escaping the beast. It is wise and it is sneaky. I've been experimenting at directing it to parties other than myself...I've learned I can cage the beast only so long before it rears its ugly head and makes a fool of me by rising at the most inappropriate and unwarranted time. This is one wanna-be poet who perhaps relates to well to this one. cutting it today.

    1. I understand - sympathize. I hate when I give in, and sadly I give in way too much.

  10. You create tension and build angst with this stream of consciousness piece wherein anger crawls up, engages and succeeds. We've all been there. Makes me ponder the life lessons each of us is hear to master.

  11. oh dang buddha...what an excellent metaphor for trying to fight that anger and hear it laughing at us...ugh...tight...

    1. What metaphor? I actually have a giant insect called Anger trying to kill me- please send help. Thanks.

  12. Yeah, I've felt that. Working on it.....but, damn, sometimes it feels so good (and healthy) to let it out.

    Good work!

    1. I agree - the only problem is that I can get easily addicted to the smug satisfaction of the self-righteous rant.

  13. Anonymous6:43 PM

    You described this so so well. I hope I think of this each time before I give in to anger! Thank you! deb

    1. Thanks, yes I try and remember as well.

  14. uff. talk about a graphic display of anger... strongly wrought stuff.

    1. You know the old saying: anger is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die. Thanks!

  15. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Great Poem that I'm glad I stumbled across ---

    other hand, 'righteous anger' can help bring about positive results such as elimination of a plantation mgr who used a whip on mayan workers. [they did not do it, the original guerrilla army of the poor, egp, did]

    me llama 'Juan'

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