Thursday, October 25, 2012

Keep Moving Forward


I'm talking to you:

all of you
who spill their seed
onto expectant blank sheets
and then try to sop up
everything that isn't art,

and those of you
with the naive idiocy
to try and capture the
breathless admiration
upon seeing a sparrow
in its purposeful
fleeting escape

and to all those aching souls
in houses of darkened memories
huddled in corners
playing their earnest acoustic guitars
trying to deconstruct
and reconstruct
the past,
daring to imagine
a tomorrow,
any tomorrow.

Finally, to the few
who trod this sacred path
wearing oversized clown shoes
just to see
where it leads
for laughs,

I urge you:
keep moving forward.

Do not be swayed
by the reader count
still stuck at

Do not think that
you are invisible
or that you suck
or that you are
a mere content provider.

You're the holder
of the puzzle piece
that belongs to
no one else

and if you die
with it still
in your possession
then all you've done
is tighten
the knot of confusion
around the rest of us.

Face it.
Sometimes people comment.
Sometimes people don't.

But you are not invisible.


  1. Bravo, dear Mosky. Bravo.

  2. truth. we all have a voice...and some of the best voices i know get few comments...every seed needs a little watering you know...encouragement to keep moving, speaking...

    1. True, and many great poems never get any comments because they don't have good distribution networks. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. Yes, Brian got it in one. Every seed needs a little watering, encouragement to keep on keeping on. Even if it is only a count of one, it is still one more than none.
    I love the imagery in this. I could instantly picture the people huddled in their corners, all wishing and hoping to find a way out and yet, lacking confidence in themselves to try. This speaks to all of those so well mosk, it is a poem of hope.

    1. Thanks, yes I want to inspire hope.

  4. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Wonderful, poet friend! Hoping just the right ones read this today, and keep moving forward! -deb

    1. Thanks, everyone needs encouragement - and gratitude for being encouraged.

  5. I was scrolling through my reader, and I saw this. Love it. Thanks for the encouragement because some days you just kind of wonder if anything matters, let alone these little words we type away. Thanks :)

    1. Thanks, and yes, you and your words do matter. Someone needs to hear them - not just you.

  6. Oh, my. Fantastic. And perfect. And perfectly fantastic.

  7. Lovely advice... I am so grateful we have each other to lift up, because in can get discouraging at times. Love ya!

    1. Thanks for your note and all the times your words have encouraged me.

  8. yep...keep moving forward...def.
    You're the holder
    of the puzzle piece
    that belongs to
    no one's not about comments, it's about encouraging each other...and if there are just one or two encouraging voices, it can mean more than 100 comments on a post

    1. Thanks Claudia. I heard that idea of the puzzle from Leo Buscaglia a long time ago and I've always thought of it when I hear the idea that some people are not important - which is patently false. Still enjoying California? Did you go to Disneyland?

  9. Just as Brian and the Daydreamer said, this poem is inspirational --especially for me--because I was demotivated, looking for an audience when really, I just needed to get used to the sound of my own voice and hear its value.Thanks for writing this.

    1. Thanks, and that's a good point that sometimes we have to listen to our own voices - even when we're unsure of them. I tend to be more interested in failed experiments, rather than predictable successes. :)

  10. Is an earnest accoustic guitar the antonym for world's tiniest violyn? (wink)

    This poem left me feeling invigorated and spunky. I really liked the line, "You're the holder of the puzzle piece that belongs to no one else." I will be sharing that quote and your poem on facebook shortly. :)

  11. Thanks, I like that you came away invigorated and spunky rather than depleted and discouraged (which is what most poetry does to me). Thanks also for the posting to Facebook - that's an honor in my book!

  12. Anonymous1:37 PM

    I would say I'm in it for the words and not for the audience, but this still felt good to read... very motivational, as I believe people above me have already said. Kinda 'poetist' (ya know, like feminist, but not in an obnoxious way)... Thank you! :)

    1. Poetist? Never heard that before. That's funny! Thanks.