Thursday, August 08, 2013

She Deserves Poems

She deserves poems
and days of unhurried contentment
in the company 
of someone who brings
warmth and safety and joy,

and she deserves
a flight through the clouds,
climbing up to the sun
floating on pink balloons
and soaring past ordinary birds
jealous of her natural grace.

I would give her moments 
of perfection
lightly dipped in chocolate
polished and wrapped 
in honeyed cellophane.

I would give her
beautiful moments,
asleep beside her
praying that my adoration
was sweetening her dreams
and that my embrace
would melt away 
every single fear
so she could 
selfishly - just sleep
and not worry about 
anyone or anything else.

She deserves dreams
that don't end 
when she awakens

and a dance
lively enough to be joyful
and slow enough to be romantic
to a tune 
that only she 
could inspire.

The things she inspires
are flavors and flowers
-so irreplaceable
so perfectly her.

She deserves to see herself
as I see her.

She deserves to be overcome
with blinding ardor.

She deserves a really great guy
and she deserves a poem
that captures her essence
and her beauty
a lot better than this one 


  1. but you know...i bet she felt this if she read it....and hears your heart in what she deserves....and what we often fall short of....but its good to be reminded of...smiles.

  2. **sigh**

    ;-) Well said, my friend.

  3. Oh what a girl would give to know such a poem was written for her...gossamer threads momentarily glistening in the light my friend, 'tis beautiful buddah buddy, just...beautiful!

    1. Buddah, this is the only way I could open a window to comment; perhaps that's why there are only three so far.

      You love your daughter, and I'm thinking this is for the same daughter with whom you are having tense times... if not, think about that concept... so hard raising kids.

      We all wish beauty for our daughters, but rarely have I heard it expressed by a father, and with such intimate feeling. Your soul is beautiful. Love, Ameleh

  4. Mosk, this is truly beautiful.
    My husband tells me this line, all the time:

    "She deserves to see herself
    as I see her."

    Every woman - and girl - needs a man in her life like this. Yours are truly blessed to have you, my friend.