Thursday, November 05, 2015

An Old-Fashioned Judas Day

"Remember, people,
it’s not about
who has the fanciest
Betrayal Cakes
or whose Lights of Regret
flash on and off
to the updated versions
of the traditional
hate-spew carols.

The shops may start
hanging effigies
earlier and earlier
each year,
but neither are they
the reason
for the
Judas season.

And it’s certainly
not about which kids
get the latest, flashiest
Judas Day toys.

No, we must remember
those who sacrificed
so that we survivors
would band together
in hate
against a common enemy.

Lord Benedict Arnold,
Saints Julius and Ethel Rosenberg,
and of course
Mohammed Atta and the
18 other al-Qaeda martyrs,
who gave of themselves
so that we could have
glorious unification
in their self-destructive

This year,
let’s try to remember
what Judas Day
is really about."

[Written for Real Toads Out of Standard prompts at .  Thanks, Isadore.]


  1. scorching, Mosk - and I'm not entirely sure this hasn't happened, anyways... ~

  2. Sounded like reality to me. But it was a fun read and very well written. Enjoyed this one.

  3. But unification!

  4. oOoooo, let's snot. This is clever and disturbing and brilliant, Mosky.

    la la, Farpossum

  5. beautiful past and remarkable history here.

  6. A satirical piece of the first order!

  7. This is incredibly cool, Mosk!

  8. I'm glad to say this day is not here yet.. but maybe it is every day except....

  9. I agree with MZ and Kerry!! Well done indeed!

  10. You had me at betrayal cakes. This is top shelf craftwork. I admire the word play. I haven't posted to my own prompt yet, but this one inspires me to go do so now. Thanks for posting to the out of standard and viva la!!!!

  11. The shops may start hanging effigies earlier ... And betrayal cakes. This is a fantastic tongue in cheek poem and yet through your clever words I can totally imagine an awful world wherr this takes place

  12. Oh my...This is a biting summation of the Judas season. There is nothing like hate to unify. Great piece!!

  13. It's kind of a blend of where we were, are and will be! Excellent!

  14. Chilling stuff and quite brilliant!