Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thankfulness, a list from Moskowitz

Dear Colorful Ones:

Smarty Fireblossom
Mama Super Zen
Angie Inspired
Shadorma Girl Paula W
Difficult Degreed Amy Jo
In The Corner of My Eye Mary
Brudberg, wherever he is
Di Domino
De Whimsy Gizmo
Sue the Laundry Goddess
Candy Bug
Clairey Love
Writing Outta the Mary Bachs
and Joanna the Tenth Muse,

it's easy to feel
in this virtual world.

Thanks for seeing me,
reading me,
writing me back.

Thanks seems so small
when your words feel so big,
and on many days
are the best part of being me.

thanks one and all.

I hope you know
how much your reflection
means to me.

Amen and


  1. Awwwww. I adore you, Sir. You have encouraged me from day 1. Thank YOU.

  2. You are too, too sweet, Mosk. I hope that you had a glorious Thanksgiving.

  3. Aw, Mosk! What a sweet poem. And thank you for reading ME too. I think it really is important to support one another; and I also thank YOU for your support!

  4. Thank you dear friend. Thank you for including me in your list and visiting my clumsy attempts at being a poet. I am always happy to visit your page and be blessed by your work.

  5. Mosk, you encourage me daily...whether it's a day you've dropped by, or it's a day that I'm writing. I write because of people like you who encourage and inspire me to do so. Thank you for including me in your list -- it does my heart good to know that the encouragement is going both ways. Big hugs!!! <3

  6. You are in good company with this list. I know them all and they are the good guys.