Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Weight (for Sarah)

When The Weight returns
just nod,
but don't try
to make friends.

He doesn't hate you,
but he sure ain't your friend,
and he especially loves
kicking down
your lovingly built
sand castles,
while sitting on your chest
making breaking difficult.

No one knows why
The Weight
chooses who it chooses,
but it's clear
it's tragically random.

I'll try to distract you
from it,
and even though
I'll probably fail
I'm here,
and I love you,

and as best as we can,
we'll get through this

eyes forward,
waiting out
The Weight.


  1. As one familiar with the Weight, the one good thing about it is that it always leaves as inevitably as it arrives.

  2. Well that made my throat hurt. That Weight yes, but to have someone to love you through it... Unbelievably beautiful are those gems