Friday, September 09, 2016

Christian Voting Guide

when you vote,
remember that
Jesus wants you

to care for
the poor and the needy,
not just
the worthy poor and needy.

I have 20 different Bibles
and I cannot find
"The Lord helps those
who help themselves”
in any of these

Chemically dependent failures,
morally repugnant adulterers,
selfish and greedy idolaters:
don’t just belong to 2016,

they lived among our Christ.

He didn’t say clean up first
and then I’ll feed you.

He healed and fed them
and then said,

“Go and sin no more.”

My brothers and sisters
in Christ,

“where are your accusers?”

Try the mirror.

1 comment:

  1. Mosk, as a non-Christian, your poetic instruction should and must be used, by all people, regardless, of their religious beliefs, in making this world, a better place, to live in. I have experience the prejudice that too many people have, towards those, who less fortunate then them. Thank you, for sharing these instructions.