Thursday, September 22, 2016

My Plastic Heart

My heart no longer
is bloody or visceral.
I fear it has become
through sheer repetitious
colder immune and
surprisingly plastic.

A plastic heart
isn’t bad at all.

It can get thrown around
and it doesn’t break
years won’t fade
its beauty or texture,

It’s durable
and isn’t connected
to guilt or obligation.

It doesn’t get stuck
on one person or face
and is never
delusional enough to think
“is this the one?”

I can mold this heart
into anything
I want
and it remains
mint unbroken flexible.

Plastic was invented as
a triumph over nature.

Plastic is man’s legacy
and is the logical
consequence to the problem
of human existence and
all the pain that comes with it.

Plastic will keep me safe.
Plastic will keep me uninfected.

I used up
the original heart
I was given
so this heart is a good

The plastic heart
never breaks,
always fresh

disconnected from the
teardrop place,

I hope you never
need one.


  1. A plastic heart sounds so sad, though not quite so much so as a heart of stone.

  2. Oh no... I do hope to never need one either... Love this that also makes me think that a heart like that would make you a Dorian Gray of sorts.

  3. I hope so too. Plastic is best used in lounge chairs and flowers.

  4. Oh, ouch. Too many losses, too much abuse. That final line is great.

  5. There is always a downside to that plastic heart. Love the poem Mosk ~

  6. Thought provoking, insightful...and a little disturbing.

  7. I only wish no one ever needed one, or felt the need for one. This was unsettling to read, maybe because someone I love is kind of in this place. I don't like thinking about it. Which means you did a good job here, because I definitely thought about it...

  8. Oh my goodness, I love this:
    "disconnected from the
    teardrop place"

  9. I do understand the ease of a plastic heart. It doesn't feel pain....or love, a huge sacrifice.

  10. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Yes, a plastic heart is immune to all of the possible disappointments... but also to the possible delights and wonders too. I don't want one and am thankful I've only flirted with the idea of not feeling at all...

  11. A least plastic can be molded, unlike stone, that you would have to chip away at to change.

  12. I am with Linda on this. It will be good to have the flesh heart back once it recovers. :-)


  13. Gayle Walters Rose3:28 PM

    Love this: "Plastic was invented as a triumph over nature." So many good musings on the positive attributes of a plastic heart but your last line sums it all up perfectly.

  14. I think I fear a plastic heart more than the bloody one, stopping ~