Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Promise

There is someone inside
or a small part of
trying to break through

all the responsibilities
the selflessness
the duties
that have attempted
to smother him.

They don't know he's
in there,
and they probably don't care
but I do.

So I find the cracks
in the pavement
and I chip away at

making them bigger
making it easier for
whoever is in there
to spring forth.

Maybe it's a demon
from Hell.

Maybe it's a rose.

Maybe it's just dirt and bugs
but if I don't do this
I'll never know.

And the world may not
be the better for it,

but I wasn’t sent
to save the entire
human race,

but maybe
just this one lost soul.

hang tight
whoever you are,

I'm coming
for you.


  1. This is very good, Sir.

  2. Spot on write, my friend!

  3. Anonymous3:19 PM

    this poem is so true about you, I think of you often and appreciate your words and understanding ALWAYS, much love-amy jo

  4. Anonymous3:20 PM

    I don't know if my comment published, I always have trouble with blogspot commenting. But I was saying--this is so true to you, I value you so much. For your understanding, compassion, and always being there. Love, Amy Jo

  5. damn, mosk. arrow to the mark. ~