Saturday, September 10, 2016

I Hope I Am Wrong (Adultery Suite, part three, 2001)

I imagine her house
dark and quiet,

lonely candles lit
in a sadly serene

This is how
I imagine it and she
is sleeping on the couch
with the doors and
windows sealed shut

(she could never sleep
when I was away).

The tv flickers
barely audible
her days quiet and alone
except for the friendly cats
she collects and
confides in

and I hope I am wrong
about all these things
because I didn’t mean
to take away her
her joy
but it became
a game of survival
and I lost

so I took myself
out of her house
and I pray
out of her memory.

But I know her
well enough to know
that her denial
is her armor,
so she’ll never admit
any loss
in my departure.

I don’t need
to be remembered

Please forget me
and fill your space
with light and
laughter again.

you deserved better.


  1. Quite the novella! Who's Teresa?! Yikes

  2. Teresa was someone I was involved with from 1994-2001. She was a survivor of multiple trauma, and had severe PTSD. We broke up because I could no longer live with the lack of emotional intimacy. I tried to be her Jesus, but I ended up her Judas.