Friday, September 20, 2013

The Starlight Ballroom

In the Starlight Ballroom
it is closing time.

The music turned tuneless,
the floor, littered
with used napkins
and discarded hopes.

He'll give the place
one last look,
finish off the drink
that's kept him company,

and remember
that laughing girl,

who's she with now?

It doesn't matter.

Tomorrow will bring
fresh glitter
and opportunities.

when the music's over
as the lights come up,
he sees his counterparts
scattered like bodies
on a smoldering battlefield,

each one hopeless
lifeless and lost,

but the most disconcerting
thought is

how alike they all appear
this late
at night.


  1. Such a beautiful name for a place so despondent. Great write!!

  2. at the end, when the lights come on and its time to go home....yep, they all look the same...and then you realize you are there too...and just another one of them as well...