Tuesday, September 03, 2013

The Parachutists

Where we worship,
members come together 
every week,

out of their fear,
of the dark,

Beyond logic
and rational self-interest,

in the brief moments
after the opening prayer
everyone suspends disbelief
and bids each other good morning,
offering friendship and love.

Holding hands 
they leap like parachutists,
holding onto each other
in free fall,
floating on love and faith
until they land
back in the world
where there are necessary
arbitrary boundaries.

It may not make sense,
but it doesn’t have to 
make sense.

Enough parachutists
could change the landscape,
but they would have to keep
holding hands 
long after they landed 
on this dark 
and lonely planet.

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  1. Faith (in whatever) has the strength to bring many together and acts as a common ground... love the parachutists metaphor as well... nice write...

  2. Oh--there is a lot of love in this Mosk! I just finished reading a book called When the Mockingbird Sings--somewhat about this idea really

    1. Thanks, and I'm always looking for books to read, so thanks again!

  3. This is a beautiful metaphor. If only people didn't feel they needed to hold hands only with those of similar faiths!

  4. This one can say so many things.. but I read a little bit of despair in the last part of the poem... it might be easy to hold hands while jumping, but so much more difficult once on the ground.

  5. oh i love how you compare prayer with the leaping like parachutists...very cool image...will def. stick with me - fly on...

  6. I really like the idea of parachutists holding hands....and so true that sometimes good things / ideas don't have to make sense!!

  7. part of faith is that leap....and faith is often stronger when faced together as well...i am big on community (obviosuly, ha) as i think there is a power in coming together...

  8. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Poetry is a lot like Church without any rules...

  9. I like to think that Poetry is church without any rules...

  10. Anonymous4:06 PM

    I loved the way you brought this poem home.>KB

  11. This is brilliant. Love the poignant image of the dark and lonely planet. Send in the parachutists......

  12. Anonymous7:30 PM

    A very well-thought out, well-written poem on what is a touchy subject for many - love the way you reasoned your way through it, we all need something...

  13. What a lovely notion... A beautiful image to hold onto.

  14. Anonymous1:08 AM

    Sooner or later, in our wanderings, we all must take that leap of faith and hold hands...if we are to find any meaning, comfort...a beautiful metaphor here, Mosk! ~jackie~

  15. There's a serenity to this piece that's very comforting.

  16. i love this analogy, and the way you carried it through from start to finish. you talk about faith most logically! :)

  17. Anonymous9:25 AM

    brilliant image, sir Buddah ~ M

  18. Anonymous11:03 AM

    To keep holding hands, that is the trick, isn't it?