Thursday, June 28, 2012

500 Weeks (for Anita)

In 500 weeks
there’s over
3,500 goodnight kisses,

hundreds of miles
of dog-walking,

over 10,000
shared meals.

Thousands of doses
of necessary laughter,
some tiny,
some enormous,

over 20,000
digital photographs,

a bucket of tears,
containing both happy
and sad.

A few
sleepless nights,

a thousand songs
connecting to
to ten thousand memories,

a multitude
of misunderstandings
and slightly
more apologies.

Innumerable heartbeats
bouncing off one another,

at least
20 coats of paint,

one quietly
spectacular woman
to lean upon
and look up to.

Wedding Day, November 29, 2002, Newport Beach, California

[On Friday June 29, we will have been married 500 weeks.]


  1. Happy 500 weeks, Mosk! May you have 500 more.

  2. So sweet! Congrats to you and your wife :)

  3. Happy upcoming 500-week anniversary! You are indeed a romantic, Buddah, that's so nice! But you are so "bad" too: I cannot believe what you did with the photo! Not posting any pictures of yourself is one thing, but posting a picture and doing this, is something else! :-( effective though, I have to admit :-)
    You've got a gorgeous family, happy for you.

    1. Thanks, and those kids are all grown - my son is 21, the girl in the back is 19 and the little one is 15. It's gone by so fast.

  4. That one guy has a weird head. He's like a human Rubik's Cube or something.

    1. Thanks, and his head is as impenetrable as a Rubik's Cube too.

  5. Ahhh... sweet! Congrats to you Mosk -- and many, many more! Lovely! :-)

  6. there you go..way to rock the numbers...smiles...and dang i am sorry about your face man...happy anniversary!

    1. Thanks, Mr "Months Since We Met". You rock the numbers pretty good yourself.

  7. Absolutely lovely.

    I don't think I've ever heard of anyone marking their 500th week anniversary -- truly special. Congratulations all around!! To you...Mrs. Buddah...and the Mosketeers. :)

    1. Thanks, yes I became Pop-o to the Mosketeers that day as well.

  8. Fantastic.
    THIS: "Innumerable heartbeats
    bouncing off one another"
    And who doesn't want to be considered "quietly spectacular"?
    I hope you will share this with that amazing lady.
    Happy 500 weeks.

    1. Thanks, yes I think "quietly spectacular" is a pretty good way to be regarded.

  9. Happy Anniversary :)

  10. awww this is lovely..happy anniversary!! 3,500 goodnight kisses...nice...i like

    1. Thanks, yes I keep all this data on a spreadsheet. I have a broad latitude for what's considered romantic.

  11. Well, hot dog -- that's awesome!!! I had no idea you were married with 3 kids, you erstwhile mysterious thing, you!

    Anita is one beautiful and lucky lady.

    Good on the apologies, them's the glue to a great relationship in the long run. I find myself making them very often to my guy. keep the laughter coming too, that always does us good.

    YOU have now moved to 5th in line for a little sidebar button I'll make for you one day, whooohoo.

  12. Anonymous6:13 PM

    This made me cry . . .and that's a good thing. So glad there are spectacular people like you and the Mrs. and children in this world. Thank you for letting us share in your special anniv!