Friday, June 03, 2016

Etta James Sings

“I was losing
the man that I love
and all I could do was cry.”

She’s practically bleeding it
as it reaches across
the decades
through the speaker
piercing my heart.

Glancing over
at my bride who has
been playing Bejeweled
on Facebook for the
past hour,
I see her eyes moisten

I didn’t use to cry
before we met
and now it happens
with the certainty
of gravity.

Once I finally felt
deep, deep inside
my cavernous soul,
nothing was ever the same

especially music.

The tears are

remembering the silent gray days
before she came along

and elated
that she finally did.


  1. Music is something which can indeed reach in and touch our soul. Isn't it? Either the notes or the words bring back a thousand memories which we've probably long forgotten. As you say, some happy, some not but, treasure all the same. It's a beautiful thing to share with the one you love. A lovely read thank you.
    P.S. Re Your comment, I'm really not sad, it's thoughts as they flash through the mind through the day , but thank you for what you said. :)

  2. You do such romantic work, Mosk. Sigh.

  3. A beautiful poem of love, Mosk!

  4. This is so real and so tender.