Wednesday, June 08, 2016

The Moment

For the moment
it’s a clear sky –
so blue it almost hurts

and I spring-step
across the parking lot
with enough money in my pocket
to buy the milk and eggs.

There is curly breath
in my lungs and it’s forcing
this smile to peek out.

The girl scouts smile back
and ask if I want to buy some cookies,
but I shake my head
still smiling
at their determination,
their perfect innocence.

For the moment
it’s almost too much
to for me to gather
and pull into my embrace

until I stop

and ruin the moment
by trying to figure out
how to make it last


  1. I like "curly breath". Love the feeling of joy in this piece. 😄

  2. What a wonderful moment. I understand wanting to cling to it. Live those moments of celebration and then store them to reflect on later. We hear/see so much of the ugly in the world. Perhaps we should look for the beautiful. They are there, but our heads are trapped in negative. Thank you so much for your kind words about Wild Rose. I know well the agony of depression. I hope in some small way my words can help your daughter.

  3. Yes, cherish the moment! I understand wanting to hold onto it, and that's OK as long as we learn when to let go. I like the honesty in this piece.

  4. Absolutely get this one, B. Then, the moment is gone, and all you have in its place is your anger over ruining it. Beautiful poem.