Friday, June 24, 2016

To-Do Stack, 9 a.m.

Proof and send out
that schmuck’s report

this bill is “past due”

there’s a penalty for
late registration

your anniversary
is the 29th

I need to update
the website

did you check Sarah’s

make sure you sign
the vacation requests

you’re three weeks behind
in your Bible reading

what do I have
coming in next
from Amazon?

call and make sure
the doctor renewed
your blood pressure

think of some clever
remarks that will appear
off the cuff when making
that presentation
to the faculty

check on Ma
and let her know
Danny and Elise
got to Germany

re-check the poetry site
and try to remember
what the hell was
the prompt for today.


  1. Oh this is my life Mosk! Except I have to fit in practicing and teaching somewhere too! But you make poetry out of it, and I make mush until I put my day away on a shelf somewhere

  2. This cracked me up, Mosk, especially that last stanza!