Thursday, June 09, 2016

My Hard and Dark Bittersweet Soul

She unwraps me
and imagines a new lover.

My hard and dark
bittersweet soul
was designed
to tease and savor.

She breathes in
my heady scent
and remembers
her first time,
and she is
transported again
and again and again
to my narcotic netherworld.

Seeing no one around,
she teases me,
gliding me over
her pink pillow lips,
my soft edges tickling her
and eliciting
a conspiratorial smile.

I bask in her worship
and glow in her love.

Her fingertips are warm
and I begin softly melting
from the desire
coursing through her.

She places me
on her tongue,
so warm and slippery
and I brace myself
for the slow steady force
of her bite.

The pressure is divine
and with one snap,
I am broken
and swimming ecstatically
in her mouth.

I giggle helplessly
as she rolls me,
left then right
then presses me up
against her palate,

and I am singing to her
an unrestrained Yes!

She gently tosses
her head back
and I begin
the long
descent down
her waiting
alabaster throat,

and she feels me
rushing and tingling
through her whole being.

With another bite
I happily and
shamelessly surrender
crying breathlessly,

yes! take me!
consume me!
give me my reason!

and suddenly,
my chocolate wrapper
lies empty
and discarded,

but I am

for I have been united
with my beloved.

[Posted for D'Verse Poets - come along and play!]


  1. Buddah, I will never look at a piece of chocolate, the same way, again. Mind you, I haven't eaten chocolate, in 26 years, due to a severe allergy to caffeine. But this was sensual, in the true meaning, of the word.

  2. I love this.. the POV becoming a metaphor... they say that dark chocolate has similar effect as sex so this is exactly like a perfect match... Love the idea of chocolate poetry.

  3. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Oh fabulous! Mmmm... I want some chocolate now!

  4. Whistles!!!! Beautifully sensuous :D

  5. Oh this is wonderful. Kind of early on, I suspected that this wasn't about you, per se, but perhaps something as sensual and addictive as chocolate turned out to be. Very fine piece (of poetry and chocolate).

  6. Love the sensual dive into the dark world of chocolate sinfulness, smiles ~

  7. A very interesting take on chocolate I must say. Like Therisa says above, I won't look a chocolate the same either - but will continue to eat though. :)

  8. Ha- A very lust filled poem the sins of that bittersweet chocolate.

  9. A very clever persona poem; I especially enjoyed the twist! It's wonderful when poetry delights.

  10. No doubt that poetry and chocolate and desire are all one and the same thing!! Nicely done!

  11. A very clever tease.

  12. a very sensual look at chocolate!

  13. Brilliant! I didn't see it coming!
    Anna :o]

  14. Steamy, delicious -- and of course it's chocolate! :) Make mine a Godiva please.