Sunday, June 05, 2016

It's a Small World After All

The war machine presses on
seemingly without a cause or vote,

the water in our shared ocean
is testing positive for radiation,

a young adult woman lures
an 11 year-old girl
into a public park bathroom
where she is gang raped
by seven underage gangbangers,

and all I can be
is thankful

because my 14 year-old
is being released
from the hospital

where she has been
on suicide watch for
the past week.

it’s a small
after all,

and often the victories
are even smaller,

I’ll take them
wherever I find them.


  1. There are a lot of everyday victories that can go unnoticed. It's nice to be reminded of that (especially as my son is having a meltdown because his sister ate all of the burritos.)

  2. Oh,Mosk, this is painful to read; but so very true that it IS a brutal world, but yes we have to take those small victories. (Hoping your daughter will be okay.)

  3. Take the small victories. I was once that girl. I wish you much love in your life.