Monday, June 13, 2016

Poetry Template

start with the title:
it must be
directly related
to the content
of the Poem -
or not.

Then begin the Poem
with a phrase
of tempting ambiguity,
a detail so compelling
that the reader
will follow you
as you pull back
to reveal its unexpected

Continue by making
an arcane allusion
to a 17th century English essayist
or by adding a sly reference
to one of the
lesser known Beats
(nothing from Ginsberg,
Kerouac, Burroughs or
Bukowski, please) -
this will establish
your lit cred
among the cognoscenti.

Include densely worded
passages, overstuffed with
arbitrary and completely insular
to buttress your emerging status
as a solitary, enigmatic genius.

Bring it on home
with an unexpected punchline
that either disorients
or brings a cynical smirk
to the morally ambiguous,
postmodern reader.

Send it out to the same
twelve friends
who always read your work
and always love it.

Repeat as necessary.


  1. The prescription for a blogging It does seem to be a reality at times.

  2. Is this a poem or a check list? lol

  3. Except my title is always the last thing I write...

  4. Hmm, guess, I have been doing it all wrong, these many years that I've been writing poetry. Such is life, for a self-taught poet, who hates following conventional rules, like the plague. Must remember these rules, so I can break then, every time, Mosk.

  5. Grinning. This is exactly it! I especially love establishing litcred among the cognoscenti......of which, I have none. LOL. Love your humour, Mosk.

  6. Yup!! I know people like that.

  7. luv the sarcasm; im smiling

    much love...

  8. LMAO over here -- so, so good. I want to send it to every English grad I know! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Ha.. I have to agree with Kerry... the title has to come last. Also... add a totally unrelated image that change the context of the poem.

  10. This made me smile. Especially the part about sending it to the same 12 friends. I think that's about how many friends truly read me! LOL And yes, always have that great punchline that will end the poem with an unexpected twist. Love your humor :)

  11. I guess I've been doing it all wrong, too. I seldom include a lit reference. I suppose that means I've got no cred. That's okay. I'll keep doing it my way and leave this template to the newbies. ;)

  12. Anonymous10:35 PM

    Well, I have the lit cred, but never used a template. For me, each poem is an Individual waiting to be met and explored. However, I thoroughly enjoyed your template, even laughing out loud at moments, but then nodding my head in agreement. And I thank you for both responses and all that happened in between them.


  13. Anonymous7:59 AM

    hehe, oh my oh my. Yes yes lol