Thursday, November 10, 2016

Kookoo Savant and My Secret Weapon

"Yes, it's been
a rough year, Kookoo.

So many things
went wrong.

Now, I can't even
how we're going
to get through.

My country is divided
between gloaters
and the glum,

the have nots and
the have more
than you can imagine,

us and them.

even though
it seems dark now,
I have a secret weapon:

when I flew out
out to Missouri
to bring you home
after being away
for three weeks,

you came down
the stairs
of your friend's
budget apartment,

in pajamas
way too late in the day,
your red mop
frenetically free,
and your wide
unforced smile,
your face's fingerprint,
that's the happiest
I felt in a long time.

That memory
sustains me,
carries me,
tides me over.

Just remember,
Kookoo Savant,
everything changes
and you can always
come back home."


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, yes it was an emotional reunion.

  2. I am wondering what I'll do when my 17 year old moves out from his mom's - will it be with me? with friends? watching him make (sometimes piss-poor) decisions is bloody hard. glad you had a good reunion ~

    1. Being a parent is always a heart-stretch. Thanks.