Thursday, December 29, 2011

“Wow, I Made This?” (prompt: new start poem)

There’s a new start
at the end of each old year.

I need a new start
because I know how
all of my old starts

and if I can’t have a new start
then I want a new middle
and a new

So, I will keep trying
for something new

something to surprise me,
something to look at and say

“Wow, I made this?”

much like God must’ve felt
after creating
the platypus,
the orgasm,
and the bursting orange horizon
where the sun sinks
dutifully into the
beautiful blue Pacific

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

There’s No Magic (Prompt: Magic)

There’s no magic,
just unknown things
scientists haven’t wrangled into
submission yet,

and until they do
I’ll take my place among the
who stand in awe of
the perfection of a rose
the tingling of sugar
the impulse to move to music
the massive silent afterglow of orgasm

and I will enjoy them
all the more
for their untamed mystery.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

While You Were Gone (Prompt: While You Were Gone)

First, I tried reading that book
you got me last month
but kept getting distracted
by the sheer overwhelming 

Then I decided to make sure
everything in the kitchen
put away
and the floors were swept
so you wouldn’t have to do it
when you got home.

I watched TV for five minutes
and since there was no one
to comment on it with,
I shut it off.

After that,
I ate the rest of the cookies
in broad daylight
not having to sneak them
because you were here.

Finally, I laid on the bed
and I smelled your hair
on the pillow,
closed my eyes
and daydreamed.

While you were gone
I just waited for you
to come back.