Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Next Feeding

The immediate concern
of every living being
is the next feeding,
the next nourishment.

Some feed only
on food,
others on love
and affection,
and others still
on bitter memories
and bile.

I drink in sound,
season them with images,
but ultimately feast
upon ideas,
sometimes slowly and precisely
as a gourmand,
sometimes ravenously, without care
like a glutton.

This is the immediate,
unrelenting motif
of this life:

feeding our hunger
by righteousness
or anger
or piety
or satiety.

Nothing exists
without some kind of

Even in those prized
golden moments
of orgasmic afterglow,
when my most intimate desires
has been sated,
sweat trickling
down the side of my face,
my heart slowing
down to reverie pace,

I catch myself
what’s the next thing
I get to eat.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

It Never Completely Leaves

Shame leads
to the ache,

then the fix,
the high,
and the crash,

reuniting me
with the shame,

on an endless loop
to the grave.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Wizard’s Collection

The wizard gave me
the keys to the cabinet
to retrieve a book of spells
and poetic incantations
to further impress
the wide-eyed coeds,
the ones with
smooth, unknowing skin,
gaping, glistening lips,
and snugfuzzy sweaters.

I was his henchman,

a graduate student hunchback
with raging nostrils
who did his bidding,
his dirty work,
all for a letter of reference
and the possibility
of mopping up some of his
nubile, feminine spillover,
so I could secretly
wring out the contents
into a highball glass
to savor
in moments
of lonely solitude.

Why did he trust me?
He knew I’d look
in the cabinet marked
“Unconfirmed Research Evidence.”

Unlocking the cabinet,
I saw dozens
of unlabeled
5-inch plastic
margarine tubs.

I took one,
peered in
and saw
a small thatch
of hair,
brown, curly and dry.

I opened another
which held
a flatter, straggly thicket
of lighter hair.

One after another,
I opened and found
variations on a theme:
each one a small handful
of slightly musky,
tight, pubic curls.

I realized
this wasn’t a collection
of data, but rather
his trophy collection.

I closed the cabinet,
retrieved the book
I was sent for,
and returned to the seminar,

where I looked at
the wizard
and his disciples
with completely new eyes.

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Monday, June 17, 2013

My Six-Word Apologetic

It’s easier to believe
if you've made
and you don’t know
from where it came.

Who is this
strange but familiar visitor
guiding the hand,
turning the head,
pricking your ear?

After the blur
of the flow
is quieted,
this thing
that didn't exist
until you brought it
into existence.

You will love this thing,
be captivated by this thing,
and fight for this thing.

It’s easier for me to believe
that it came from
somewhere else,
than to believe
it grew from
my subconscious mess
to a new consciousness,

and hence,
my six word apologetic:

God creates
and so
must I.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Do Not Let Me Sleep Until I Awaken On My Own

Do not let me sleep
until I awaken
on my own.

When I arise
during the trip back
from unconsciousness,
I instinctively
reassemble dreams,
and I usually detest
what I find:

walking down
squishy darkened halls
over the corpses of
mutilated snakes,
over blood and muscle
and sinew
and I cannot
see the end,

or embraced by
faceless women
whose madness manifests
only out of the corner
of my eye
as they take me
to their bounteous bosoms
and I nuzzle unreservedly
until I hear
the scrape of their
silver razor teeth,

and then I am lost
in a miasma,
going down on
anonymous placeholders
who I thought
only existed
on the periphery
of my consciousness

and I’m trapped
in this miserable cell,
but finally I am saved
not by the bell,
by the beep,
of an electronic
screech screech screech
from the $7 alarm clock.

Do not let me sleep
until I awaken
on my own.

I’d rather be
groggy and sleep-deprived
than rested
and disturbed.

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