Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Morning Prayer

Thank you, Lord, for this glorious day
there isn't much for which I’ll pray:

just guide my steps so I won't stumble
and when I do, help me stay humble;

may I look upon my brother’s face
without contempt, but rather, grace;

help me, Lord, lose the desire
for things that would me make a liar;

guard my children and my spouse,
bring them safely back to my house;

in every instance, may I stay grateful
may my actions and words, never be hateful;

may everything I say and do
demonstrate I belong to you;

this life is a gift I can never repay,
so thank you, Lord, for this glorious day.

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Male Socialization (for Roy Levosh)

Don’t oversleep
don’t curse the alarm clock
don’t wake up the others

don’t go to work without shaving
don’t wear that tie with those pants
don’t leave without kissing her goodbye

don’t drive like a maniac
don’t get in an accident
don’t be late to the office

don’t be unproductive
don’t go to non-work-related websites
don’t daydream about sex

don’t skip lunch
don’t eat any trans fats
don’t talk to any other guys at the urinal

don’t be unprepared for your meeting
don’t tell your boss what you really think
don’t leave until after the boss does

don’t forget to call and ask if she needs anything
don’t bring your work home with you
don’t ignore the kids

don’t take it out on the kids
don’t fight it if she wants to take a walk after dinner
don’t hog the remote

don’t go to bed without taking a shower
don’t forget she needs foreplay
don’t knead her breasts like dough

don’t come too soon
don’t come before she does
don’t roll over and fall asleep as soon as you’re finished

don’t fall asleep if she wants to talk
don’t leave the tv on all night
don’t forget to say your prayers.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


When I decided
to have sex with
the married psychobitch,

I rationalized it
by saying:

it's no big deal,
it happens everyday,
and if I got caught
I would just
deny it.

What I underestimated
is that
cruel selfishness,
demolished marriages,
and impassioned death threats,
also happen everyday
and it was
a big deal,

so enormous
and unquestionable

when cornered,
I couldn't deny it.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Sex Machine Speaks

The headline accused:
How Big is the Average Penis?

My defensiveness recast it:
How Average is the Big Penis?


the smaller
try harder.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Something she said
shook loose the memory
and it fell at my feet,
like rancid cigarettes
from a vending machine
dispensing shame,

and I hated being its hostage,
and it took everything in my power
not to steal a Xanax
from my daughter's stash
because the thoughts kept
parading by
with predictable circus mockery
and I prayed for God
to just take me right then
and I wept softly
because He didn’t,
my back to her
so she’d never see.

I learned early on
some are
cherry picked
for love because
they were
born right,

and perhaps Jesus
is just the story
the rest of us tell ourselves
to make it easier
to live with
the dispassionate fact:

some are born
to be loved
and the rest of us are born
to earn it.

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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Prick First, Saint Second

If you want to be a great artist
you’ve got to be
a prick first
and a saint second.

You must be willing
to gamble
it all for your art:
your kids,
your wife,
your security.

If the dice fall right,
and you pull
the fourth ace,
you'll be rewarded
with the fame
the adulation
the money
the lovers
each offering themselves up
as blank checks waiting for
your endorsement.

When you've reached
your limit,
and when even
your own excesses
repulse you,

then you'll have
The Epiphany,
and you will
renounce it all
for the simple life:

you'll have
that second family,
where you will become
the devoted father,
the unabashed and
unapologetic husband,

and with your
newly proclaimed
inner peace,

you will denounce
all those things
that the prick loved-
the trappings of this world -
that now seem so petty
so temporal,
so vulgar,

but you will still have
your exciting memories
and a sizable nest egg
in the bank.

If I were smart
I would have been
a prick first,
and a saint second,
if I try to be
a great artist now,
I’d just end up
looking like
a prick.

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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Independence Day, One Day Early (July 3, 1994)

the day before I left
was one of the
best days
of our marriage.

(Maybe she already knew
how the trial separation
was going to end.)

Like comrades celebrating
before heading off
to battle,
we laughed,
we ate,
we stayed up late talking,
not wanting to see
past that evening,
because I suspected
the next day
would be our last.

That Sunday morning
we lingered in bed,
silent, save for the
radio whispering
painfully naive
love songs;
neither one of us
wanted to be
the first one
to start the day.

I inhaled, got up,
and wordlessly began
collecting my things.
we didn’t acquire
very much community property
during this four month
failed experiment.)

She got up
and began preparing
to go to work
(she wasn’t fooling me,
I knew she was going
to see him).

I almost made it
out the door,
when the radio played
our wedding song.
Neither of us cried,
we just found each other
and hugged
until it was over,
and I whispered
“maybe this
will only be
for a little while,”

and that was
the last comforting lie
I told myself
that season.

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