Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Break and Make

Every living thing 
for its own growth, 
for its own survival
break away 
to make a way. 

If you are not 
then you are just 
and staying in this old place
for too long 
will make you sick. 

So, make a break 
from that old self, 
those old thoughts,
those predictable indulgences. 

Trawl the second-hand stores
of the infinite consciousness,
and begin collecting novelties
to assemble into a new self, 
a little at a time. 

When you break it all down
completely trust
The Invisible Inevitable 
will bring you 
the images 
the dreams
the inspirations
to make yourself anew.

if that doesn’t work,
break it again,
make it again,
break it again,
make it again,

over and over
until it feels right.