Friday, November 18, 2011

Market Research Information for Poets (Prompt: It's Too Late Poem)

(Forgive the redundancy.)

After a thorough analysis
of the activity
of this website,
I offer the following
analysis to aid you
in your writing endeavors:

if you want
to maximize
the comment count
for your postings,
make sure that your poems
are no longer
than 22 lines,
which seems to be
the tipping point
for inattention.

and more important,
please ensure
your submissions
occur before 3pm EST.

This will allow
ample opportunity
for the majority
of site traffic
to view / comment
on your work.

Further analysis exists
to support the hypothesis
that contributors/readers
who visit earlier
in the day
typically do not
revisit the site
later in the day
to read /comment.

if you are only posting
so that someone
will stroke your ego
and validate your worth
as a writer,
then the previous comment
about time of submission
is irrelevant:

it is already too late.


  1. Very clever, Buddah! You definitely have it figured out.

    22 lines, eh? I would say most of the time my poems are under that.

    3pm EST? Hmmm, I usually don't meet that deadline. LOL.

  2. You lost me after the first point.