Monday, November 21, 2011

Whenever I Hear Julie London Sing “I’d Like You for Christmas”

Whenever I hear Julie London sing
“I’d Like You for Christmas”
I am instantly transported
to that doleful yearning
before you were mine.

Once I heard her
I needed to know
what it would feel like
to slow dance
to this song
with you
in front of the fireplace
on Christmas Eve
in our very own home,
in our very own life.

more than a decade later,
her whispered plea
still causes me to catch my breath,
close my eyes,
thank God
for this answered prayer,
and wait for the
next Christmas Eve
to slow dance this
with you.


  1. This was really sweet. And not sweet in a sappy way - sweet in a way that gives you a hopeful feeling about life. :)

  2. I love this poem and the warm feelings it expresses. (I really don't think I am familiar with this song, but I will try to keep an ear open for it this year.)

  3. Music can be such a strong carrier of emotions.. and I love how this brought back not just love but anticipation and actually falling in love...

  4. Nicely sentimental without lapsing into mawkishness. Not an easy balance to maintain. I know the song, too--a nice anthem for the season.
    Steve K.

  5. I like hearing about how men love their women. This was romantic and endearing.

  6. Such a beautifully romantic poem with just a hint of wistfulness :)
    Well penned.

  7. The perfect thankful/Christmas poem. Gives you warm fuzzies and a hopeful feeling for the Holidays.

  8. I love the ending. :)

  9. A lovely piece, especially the image of dancing by firelight.

  10. I love the slow dancing and that the magic is still there ~

  11. Visiting once again, Mosk. I still feel the same way.....I love this poem.

  12. Well, heck, who knew what a sweet & sentimental kind of fellow you really are; this piece is soft, lilting & emotional. I like this side of you.

  13. Definitely, we respond to songs that mark important moments in our lives with our loved one and this is romantic and full of meaning--I hope she loves it and that your slow dance will be as special as the first time.

  14. Aah sweet poem for the holidays!

  15. Aah sweet poem for the holidays!

  16. This made me go 'Awwwwww...' out loud! So sweet. A feel a pang of envy here. I had that for a moment but I let it slip away I guess. Maybe someday I shall return to it. Thanks for the read!

  17. Slow Dance
    Candle eYes
    never groWinG
    old wheRe Love