Friday, November 11, 2011

Moskowitz Vital Statistics

Marriage #1:
Length of Courtship: 260 weeks
Length of Engagement: 63 weeks
Length of Marriage: 21 weeks
Age at wedding: 30 years
Children: 0
Regrets: Too many to count.

Marriage #2:
Length of Courtship: 30 weeks
Length of Engagement: 9 weeks
Length of Marriage: 467 weeks (as of November, 11, 2011)
Age at wedding: 39 years
Children: 3 (from spouse’s previous marriage)
Regrets: 1 (not marrying Anita sooner).


  1. I love this, Buddah! Wishing you many, many more weeks and years!

  2. 2nd time's a charm!

  3. I love this! What a cool idea. Am so happy you found Anita!!!!

  4. This is perfect Buddah! :) Would make a wonderful anniversary poem/card! I'm having so much fun here reading your poems! Thank you!

  5. Thanks everyone. @Debbie - this is romantic for number crunching research nerds, like me.