Thursday, November 10, 2011

Uncle Tom's Plea (Prompt: Different Perspective)

C’mon guys,
we’ve had it pretty good.

That farmer and his family
they treat us pretty good,
and we get fed regular.

I’ve never been so full!

Look at your feathers!
They’ve never had
a sheen like

And your wattles,
they haven’t bounced that much
in years!

You gotta admit,
it’s been a pretty sweet
so far.

Don’t listen to them
young upstarts,

they’re just trying
to upset the apple cart.

Those stories about the
Fall Holocaust,
they’re just trying
to scare you.

we’ve taken and taken
and now it’s our turn
to give.

the humans
have treated us well,
be should be honored
they make us
the centerpiece
of their holiday.


  1. Oh, now you're gonna go and make me question my Thanksgiving dinner menu!