Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Coitus Vitae (Nine Haikus)

Darra was older,
iconoclastic mentor,
regretted leaving.

Nicki was younger,
wished I were her absent Dad,
left me for Jesus.

Katy was a friend,
engaged to another man,
we made a poor choice.

Rebound with Stacia,
lots of passion, little depth,
not a Valentine.

Tried to save LanAnh,
my Vietnamese war bride,
she napalmed my heart.

Kim tried to win me
with breasts and fellatio,
not a good loser.

Teresa needed,
I tried to be her Jesus,
ended up Judas.

Cyndie shined a light
and walked me through the darkness,
but I still hurt her.

Then came Anita,
my sexy paradigm shift,
this heart, now reborn.


  1. friend engaged to another man
    def not good...though my wife
    was the girlfriend of my best friend
    yikes...yeah not so good for him...smiles..
    the jesus judas one too...ouch...
    glad you got your paradigm shift
    in the end man.

  2. Thanks, man. I knew you'd understand. Yikes are you still friends with him? I'm still half expecting Tim Watts to cold-cock my ass after all these years (it happened in 1987).

    Everyone has their baggage - I just sort out my dirty laundry in full view of the internet.

  3. Mr. Moskowitz, it's been a while! I'm happy to see your writing pop up in my reading lists again! That's quite a history there. Glad your heart is re-borned!

    1. So glad you found me! Yes, I'm happy too!

  4. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Enjoyed joining you on your trip down Memory Lane--quite a lot of history there. Well-written haiku(s).

  5. Thanks for leaving me off the list. You're so discreet! :-P

    1. There's many women who wish they could say that. :)

  6. Anonymous6:37 AM

    Oh, wow, these were all great... that vaguely-humorous-ironic-stark-honesty thing that you do so well. I liked that "iconoclastic mentor" made seven syllables...

    "and walked me through the darkness,
    but I still hurt her."
    ^ That would be my love life. From both sides.

    1. So glad you liked these. They came at a price.

  7. This one's my favorite:

    "Tried to save LanAnh,
    my Vietnamese war bride,
    she napalmed my heart."

    1. Thanks, yes, I cannot watch the Russian Roulette scene in
      "The Deer Hunter" without thinking they got of easy.