Monday, April 08, 2013

I Am Loved Because

Social exchange theory
helps me to understand
the motivation
for others loving me:

I am loved because
I provide a kitchen full of food,
an infrastructure for living
that includes
health insurance,
a paid up mortgage,
disposable income
and hi-speed wi-fi.

I am loved because
I can amuse,
clean up after myself,
say comforting things,
and make sure
the alarm is set
so everyone can sleep

I am loved because
I married her
and provided a stable,
sober male role model
for the kids,
and I remember every
gift-giving occasion,
pay my life insurance premium
on time
and hold my tongue
to not anger
our narrow-minded
friends from church.

I am loved
I perform,
I share,
I sacrifice.

I understand and accept
these truths
as I have my whole life,

but when I am told
that God loves me
just for who I am
and not for what I do,

I don’t even have
the schema,
the grammatical framework
for interpreting that.

This explains
why our relationship
with God is set up
like another exchange:

if you give your life
to God,
then God will give you
everything you need:

but an exchange
by another other name,
is still an exchange.

A sinless garden paradise,
a talking, burning bush,
a virgin birth,
life after death:
these are manageable
compared to
the greatest act of faith:

believing that
God loves me



  1. It's inconceivable, isn't it? I struggle with this, too, Mosk. This is beautifully done.

    1. Thanks, de. I have been humbled a lot lately.

  2. This is so true and so well done. Really excellent work, Mosk.

    1. Thank you, MZ - your praise means a lot.

  3. smiles...i hear you man...selfless love is hard to understand at times as we see it so little in this world and it doesnt fit the schemas we have created....but it is...smiles.

    1. Thank you my loyal reader and friend, I know it exists, but my crippling low self-esteem makes it hard to accept.

  4. A lot of food for thought here Buddah! Another great poem!

    1. Thanks Donna - serenity now!

  5. This is a very honest look at why we are loved by other humans. I never thought about that until reading your words.
    It is hard to grasp and comprehend a love so pure as God's love. But I do believe we all have it. I think of it as the love we have for our children and grandchildren. That is an unconditional love. And we are all God's children. So I can equate it with a parent's unconditional love for his/her children. Faith is letting go of reason and just believing in what we can't see or explain.

    1. I think you're pretty close on the parent's love being similar to God's love. I have faith, but as I said its a greater mystery than the holy trinity for me.

  6. Yeah, that's a hard one...because who of us feels lovable just because? You present it so very well.

    1. Thanks Mary - I don't feel lovable just because. I feel lovable for what I bring to others.

  7. i find it hard to accept as well and def. hear you on the being loved because of what we do and not just for what we are (or not) but hey...he does..and i love him for this..

  8. loved just definitely a hard pill to swallow. we (by nature) show our love in actions and in turn, seeing these actions, we are loved. I suppose I could argue that in fact by giving ourselves over to God we are performing an action in which we are reciprocated with love. Still, I believe that regardless of our actions His love is unconditional and therefore we must be loved simply because. a very thought provoking piece.

    1. Thanks, and I am still humbled by these thoughts. I have many questions about grace and what am I to do to please God. Everyone seems to have their own ideas, but God, my God, remains silent. Onward toward working this out... Mosk

  9. Very thoughtful post here, Mosk. It is hard to believe sometimes we are just loved because we ARE; but the older I get the more I accept.............

  10. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Thank you, poet friend, for helping us look at His love for us. It is always so easy for me to tell someone else that God loves them, but a little harder for me to tell myself that He loves me. :) - deb

  11. I think a lot of men think their value lies in what they do, not in simply who they are.

  12. You have explained this eternal struggle impeccably well. :)

  13. I was agnostic for years. My daughter is agnostic now, but she has a sort of sense of a Creator, and that's enough for her. And enough for me. And enough for God.

    I don't think God loved me any less when I was in my 20s, sleeping around and smoking weed and being a bad little girl. I don't think God loves me any MORE because Lex became a UCC pastor and I sing in the praise band.

    God abides. Kind of like The Dude! Love, Ameleh

  14. B: you are able to articulate words i have only been able to of the reasons I wish we could sit across a table from one another, once (at least)...P.