Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Suspend My Disbelief

I’ve stretched my mind
trying to understand
the scared mystery of
The Holy Trinity
but in the end
I gave up,
and accepted this puzzle as
an article of faith.

I stretched my reason
and logic
like philosophical silly putty
to understand that
God loves us
in a way that transcends
human understanding,

unless, of course,
you don’t profess
your belief in Him.

In that case,
you will burn 
in everlasting hell.



as long as
God Himself 
has been alive,

longer than the Sequoias have climbed
into the sky,

deeper than the Coral Reef,

past the boundaries of
outer space?

That kind of
eternal punishment?

Seems vindictive to me,
in a human way.

In the name of faith,
I will suspend my disbelief
only if it brings others
into the Grand Re-Unification,

but I didn’t join up
to scare others
into signing on
the dotted line.

I am a follower
of the Christ,
and I am here to tell you:
God loves you
and wants to be reunited
with you.

I am not a salesman
for an after-life
insurance policy.

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