Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Welcome to the Mine (prompt: Welcome Poem)

You need to be prepared
to outwit the frustration
work past buckets of sweat
and mostly persevere.

We miners
tinker ceaselessly  
blessed infrequently with
a sliver
a sparkle.

Some days there is
so much to harvest
and sometimes it’s a glint
and that’s all you’re gonna  get.

When you don that prospector’s helmet
and dive deep into the mineshaft
where it’s dark and spooky,
remember, it’s a numbers game
and sometimes
all you’ll have to show for your work
is yesterday’s dust.

You gotta like the digging,
the challenge of breaking rock,
disrupting the Earth
and finding something new.

So, welcome,

now pick up
your pencil
and get at it.


  1. "disrupt the Earth"... reminiscent of "disturb the universe". Reading your remarkable words makes me want to cause anarchy in this galaxy... I shall be picking up a pencil, indeed. Thank you for this.

  2. Mining those words and pecking at the keyboard since I can't find my pencil (or read my writing)

  3. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Oh, love this! Mining. That's exactly what I feel like I've been doing for the past six months. Thanks for sharing your words with us! ~Paula

  4. A perfect fit for me as well. I've been choking on dust for a few weeks now. Nicely done.