Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Ringside Table at the 10 O’ Clock Show (Prompt: different perspective)

we’re so divided
we can’t agree upon anything,

but here,
with a 50$ cover and a
two-drink minimum,
we are all of one accord:

he’d better be funny
or we’re gonna kill him.


  1. well, I'm writing this one on this one, because I don't know how to bring "Night Clerk" forward...truthfully, I have no memory of that gem, but I'm so happy that Tammy and/or Bobb-o loved it, so I could read it...I just love those kinda love stories...really nice emotion, brother...congrats on your all-star status on PA, but I thinks it's way cooler that I scored Katy Perry tickets...I think we'll be the oldest at that concert by at least 40 years

  2. Thanks Dan,

    Yes, you will be the coolest one at the Katy Perry concert. Or you a fan, or are accompanying one?

    Thanks again

  3. LOL I think I might have been in that audience once or twice myself.

  4. I'm a huge fan, mostly for how she does not take herself seriously, like you, and also like you, is incedibly enlightened at such a tender age. Oh crap, the real reason I like her is because my war-savaged hearing can still understand her lyrics.

  5. Anonymous12:41 PM

    I used to open for comedians at Caroline's Comedy Club, the first one, in Chelsea, NYC. Lots of up-and-comers like Seinfeld, Leno, Pee-wee Herman (laughed my ass off every show), Sandra Bernhardt, etc.

    I can truthfully state that your poem is truth. Bitter, cold truth. It was an expensive club, and the crowd could be very cold. Like Queen Victoria:
    "We are not amused."

    Great stuff, Bruddah. Ameleh