Wednesday, August 03, 2011


My normal state is

making myself get up
making all the green lights
making small talk
making quotas
making deadlines
making compromises
making a reputation
making a scene
making documents
making mistakes
making a name
making arguments
making dinner
making grownups out of children
making an ass of myself
making masks
making chocolate chip cookies with M&Ms
making memories
making poems
making a good argument for invisibility.


  1. 'making'... such a dynamic word, like we're all just buzzing around in a flurry of action. there is no 'making meditation'... (though i suppose there is 'making inner peace'?)

    i attempted to share some of your work with my poetry class when the professor asked for 'an example of contemporary poetry'... thought that would snap my dull class out of their bubble of 'safe and meaningful poetry'... but the internet wasn't working. damn.

  2. Thanks for attempting to share my poetry with your class. Good thing the internet wasn't working - that helps keep my ego in check.

    I can't imagine a "making" meditation as I always thought the goal of meditation was "no goal."

    Best wishes to you,

  3. I love this, Buddah. I am tempted to try writing a similar poem.

    I think I would say "making children out of adults" rather than "making adults out of children." Children have much more fun!! (I think.)